Three women trying to make buying sex products as natural and normal as skincare.

A simple conversation over dinner in early 2019 sparked the idea for rosewell. Why was it so hard to talk about intimacy and sex, but easy to discuss skincare? Why were all sex products bright pink, made of strange plastic, and sold with hyper-graphic imagery?

Where were the everyday humans, just having sex and being intimate with themselves?

United by a shared mission, we launched rosewell with a refined approach to help you discover your own experience. Free from unsafe materials, stereotypes or graphic content—for everybody and every body. We’re here for everyday intimacy, no matter how that looks to you.

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Brand Foundations

Created in 2019
First collection launched in 2020
100% bootstrapped business
Founder-led, founder-funded
No external investment
300+ customer conversations
Sustainability Initiatives
Community Initiatives

New product launch in October 2022
Community platform to launch January 2022
New collection to launch January 2022

Left to right: Nissa, Riannah, and Alisha.

Left to right: Nissa, Riannah, and Alisha.