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Multi-use skin and massage luxury oil.
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Australian made with the highest quality oils. Multifunctional, deeply hydrating, and softening to the body. A large 100ml bottle to last.

- Produced in Australia
- Packed with Jojoba
- High levels of Avocado and Argan Oil
- Glass bottle with dropper
- Clean, free or SLS/SLECs/GMOs
- For all skin types
- Massage and intimacy oil

“So soft and beautiful. Absorbs into the skin so nicely.”

— Lillian ★★★★★


Multifunctional and softening.
Packed with Jojoba, Oil is the ultimate all-purpose intimacy, skin and body oil. Using just five rich ingredients and made in Australia, Oil goes a long way.

A few drops, big impact.
Oil comes in a glass bottle with a dropper, allowing for easy but controlled distribution in your hands and on your body.

Enough slip where you need.
For those who choose an oil (such as coconut) as an alternative to lubricant, the Oil can be safely used for creating slip during intimate moments.

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