Our story.

rosewell was built on the belief that sex care, intimacy and connection are critical to overall wellbeing. Through producing intentional, quality and simple goods that enhance these important areas of our life, we're here to support everyday people.

In mid-2019, Alisha asked close friends over dinner if they were regularly having sex with their long-term partners. There was silence and discomfort, and she wanted to understand why. If skincare, healthcare––even mental health could be openly discussed, why not this intimate area of our wellbeing?

Overwhelmed, but driven by curiosity, Alisha began looking at how sex care was presented in product, experience and education. Unsurprisingly, the norm was outdated, uncomfortable and often unsafe. Retail stores remained untouched for decades, obsolete narratives around gendered behaviour were prevalent and no meaningful regulation was in place. Education, access and prioritising the experience that very real people had was almost invisible in an industry intended on serving them. It was impossible to determine what made a product ‘good’, who were the people behind these brands and what they stood for.

Combining this difficult, but encouraging experience prompted Alisha to launch rosewell. As a brand built on these missing elements of intimacy, we believe in people deserve to be the centre of their experience, and products should enhance––not isolate. Language should be considerate, inclusive and welcoming, with no assumptions made on sexuality, gender or preference. We’re here as a guide, no matter what intimacy looks like for you.

gender, age and race inclusive.
rosewell is for all.

accountability and awareness.
sustainability drives each decision.

here and honest.
we're visible, honest and upfront.

Our warm approach to modernising sex care through conversation, sustainability and a focus on product is unshakeable.

Products come first, marketing second.
Maintain full transparency.
Inclusive, human-first language.

A shared experience.

Born on the Sunshine Coast, I quickly moved to Brisbane and pursued a career in marketing and design. An interest in law followed me over a decade, so I decided to dive in while working in a senior marketing role.

As luck would have it, a conversation about sex, intimacy coincided at the same time I was diving into legislation. When I spoke about these experiences, I learnt of how many felt either invisible or hyper-sexualised, too.

My goals with rosewell is to bring intimacy––and what bonds as us people––back into the world of sex care. This convergence of interest, experience, passion and ambition lead to the creation of rosewell in 2019. We remain 100% female-founded, owned and operated without external capital or investment. Why is this important to note? As an industry growing with "female empowerment", rosewell is one of a very few genuinely owned brands which also acknowledges the importance mutual sexual pleasure plays in relationships, for all genders.

With nine product launches planned in 2022, I'm here with our customers, experiencing a renewed outlook on sex and what relationships do for our overall wellbeing.