rosewell was founded in 2019 with curiosity and ambitious goals to challenge an outdated industry.

From materials, the purchasing experience and end-of-life disposal, rosewell is working towards a new standard in sex care.

With transparency, honesty and consideration, we warmly welcome you to our space.


everyday people making sex care simple, modern and accessible.

A conversation over dinner in early 2019 sparked the idea for rosewell. Why was it so hard to talk about intimacy and sex, but easy to discuss skincare? Why were goods related to sex so disconnected from the human experience of connection and intimacy?

our why

values and mission

Intimacy and sex care products should be reliable, simple, and accessible.

Sex, in any form, is a human experience.

rosewell encourages vulnerabilty and transparency for each person and their unique experience. rosewell creates products free from unsafe materials, stereotypes or graphic content—for everybody and every body. We’re here for everyday intimacy, no matter how that looks to you.

medical-grade silicone.

100% sealed in the highest quality material, safe from harmful chemicals and phthalates.

inclusive and visible.

ungendered products with no graphic or explicit content, ever. made for everybody and every body.

self-founded and funded.

rosewell is owned and funded by Australian women who believe in transparency around ownership.


meet rosewell.

From Australia to the US, rosewell is led by a team of curious, progressive people connected with a modern vision on intimacy.

United by a shared mission, we've used our own experiences to create a brand and an online experience that reflects the evolving nature of sex care. We're a group of women prioritising the health, comfort and accessibility of all humans.

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