recycling sex toys.

In Australia, sex toys are considered e-waste.

In some states, it’s prohibited to send these products to landfills, and for good reason. Battery-operated devices, like sex toys, almost always end up straight in landfills, losing valuable material that could have been recycled. ¹

Worse still, e-waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams ² in Australia and with no dedicated recycling program or scheme. When these products are discarded in landfills, there’s potential for toxic chemicals to leach out into soil and water.

To avoid sending sex toys to landfills, consumers are expected to first contact their local council and ask where to take them. They’re then required to transport them to a facility. Such an undertaking requires time, being comfortable with discussing sex toys and the ability to transport such devices.

This is a lot to ask of the everyday consumer. As businesses producing and distributing these products, our industry needs to take responsibility. While trade-in programs are a great start, this is still asking consumers to spend money on a new product to recycle an old one.

Sex Toy Recycling
Sex Toy Recycling

To address this, rosewell accepts any sex toy under 300 grams to be sent to us, with the cost of carbon-neutral, standard shipping covered by rosewell in Australia.

Additionally, the associated costs with delivering and recycling the toys through an accredited and licensed provider are covered by rosewell, too. Our partner is local, to minimise additional domestic travel impacts.

For customers purchasing more than three bottles of Oil, we encourage sending them back. We will refund a partial cost of the product and provide the option of refilling at a 10% discount or sanitising and putting back into our ecosystem.

How does this work? Anyone can fill out our Recycling Program form below.

A shipping label will be provided via email within 48 hours. Attach the label to a non-plastic bag or box and take it to your local Australia Post Red Box or Hubbed location, depending on provider. We’ll do the rest.

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