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Organic and unscented wipes for pre and post-sex.
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Pre-order for Shipping on Thursday 25/02. A fragrance-free set of essential everyday wipes.

Suited for

Those who need to feel fresh pre and post-sex. Naturally pH-balanced and hypoallergenic, best for those with sensitive skin or concerns around standard, pre-moisturised wipes.


Place one gentle wipe into water for the wipe to fully expand. Tear-free, strong and waffle-textured for all intimate areas. Convenient to transport, biodegradable, and made from OEKO-TEK certified viscose.

☁ in a set of 12 ♺ biodegradable 
ϟ  OEKO-TEK certified ☉ fragrance/preservative-free
⇵ 25 x 35cm when wet ✚ pH balanced

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