we’ve renamed Bean to Dip. let us share why.

Back in 2019, Bean felt like the most appropriate name for a palm-sized, bean-shaped vibe. Here’s why it’s no longer a good fit.

Our mission has always been to advocate for accessible, shame-free and ungendered products. Increasingly, we are hearing our community reference ‘bean’ and it’s connotations with the clitoris. The thing is, our customers aren’t always women or vulva owners.

This vibe is designed to be used where it feels best, regardless of gender. It begs the question — is it possible that the name Bean could be creating feelings of discomfort?

Knowing this was even a possibility, we’ve decided to rename Bean. Why? Language matters.

To be truly ungendered, we’re mindful of any terminology that may imply a specific gender use and it’s important our brand and products reflect this.

To mitigate waste, our manuals will still reference the name Bean until printed stock is exhausted, but we’ll be going ahead with ‘Dip’.

For everybody and every body.