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Limited Bundle:

- Dinner Parties Intimacy Cues card deck
- Love Deeply Intimacy Cues card deck
- Limited Edition 'Slow Summer' soy candle
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Intimacy Cues are a collection of two card decks designed for deep, engaging conversation between either friends and strangers or those in a relationship.

Slow Summer is a limited edition candle, hand-poured in Australia with a signature earth-based, warm scent.

 “The best friend gift, ever.”

— Charlotte ★★★★★


Cues Duo (Dinner Parties and Love Deeply).
A set of our two best-selling Intimacy Cues card decks. Two emotionally-driven card games with 50 questions each to encourage connection with friends, family—even strangers. A few cards can create hours-long discussions, so come vulnerable.

Limited Edition Soy Candle
A run of our signature scent candle, Slow Summer, with an updated frosted glass jar. Produced locally, with a 20 hour burn time. Ungendered and designed for the holidays

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Duo Bundle No. 2