how to order from rosewell

Order form.
Once approved as a rosewell partner, you can order through our simple order form anytime that suits you.

Dispatch and shipping.
For wholesale orders of more than 25+ units, rosewell will cover the cost of shipping from our warehouse in Brisbane, QLD. For smaller orders, rosewell requires a $20 contribution to shipping. Wholesale orders are processed and dispatched within 48 hours of invoice payment.

To save on processing costs for both rosewell and our wholesale partners, we politely request bank transfers. The banking information can be found on the bottom of your invoices. For issues and concerns, please get in touch.

Sample Products
Free sample products will be provided on a projected sales volume. For wholesale partners who anticipate an initial order of 25+ will be provided with free samples to review.

Natural Vitamin E Oil [4%]
Derived from natural soy beans, this oil contains antioxidants and and works to prevent oxidation of your Oil, for long-life.

Glass Dropper Bottle
Oil comes stored in a amber glass bottle with a black dropper. This bottle type prevents against UV light and can be reused multiple times.


intimacy cues

Paper Type
All our Intimacy Cues card decks are manufactured using certified FSC paper. This confirms responsible harvesting of valuable resources.

Currently, all decks are produced in Australia. However, we have partnered with producer in China to meet demand and minimise waste.

Our cards are smaller than a regular deck for a reason. We reduce the amount of offcuts through smaller decks.


rosewell vibes

Medical-grade silicone.
Every rosewell vibe is 100% coated in medical-grade silicone. This is a closed cell, sealed material which is biocompatible with your body.

Vibes are produced by our patent-partner in China. This partner undergoes regular independant auditing to adhere to our strict policies.

Each vibe is created through injection-moulding. Rosewell has a maximum fault line/wastage of under 4% to minimise material loss.



Outer boxes.
Every order is sent in a fully recyclable, sustainably produced kraft box without logos or printing to encourage re-using.

Product boxes.
Product packaging is produced without plasic, using soy-based inks and from at least 50% post-consumer paper. We continue to prioritise improving this area.

Paper goods.
All our paper goods (guides, collateral etc.) is currently printing on either recycled paper or FSC paper. Everything produced is 100% kerbside recycable.