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Powerful and quiet 8-speed, USB-charged vibe.
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A strong, flexible vibe with bulb end for all-over stimulation. Easy to use and shape to each position for exploration. 

☁ waterproof ≋ 3 speeds + 5 modes 
ϟ  usb-rechargeable ☉ solo and partnered use
⇵ 136mm high when extended ✚ medical-grade silicone


“Soft, quiet and good for when my partner is here, and when he's not.” — Claire ★★★★★


Flexible handle.
Bend has a soft body that can be folded in half for handsfree internal use, or easy external pressure. Keep Bend extended for deeper internal use with the powerful bulb where it can reach the right spot.

Easy use.
Bend's petite size makes it easy to hold in both positions, allowing for effortless exploration. With a single button to move through the eight combined modes, enjoy different pulses and deep vibrations.

Ultra quiet, ultra powerful.
An ultra-quiet vibe, Bend has a deep motor in the bulb that is discreet enough for solo use, or at home with family/housemates (really.)

Read our guide to Bend here.

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