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50 cards for conversations with strangers and friends.
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An elevated, engaging and emotionally-driven card game with 50 questions to encourage connection with friends, family—even strangers. A few cards can create hours-long discussions, so come vulnerable.

- 50 individual question cards
- Designed for 2-6 players
- Strangers, friends, family and colleagues
- Small deck at 80mm x 50mm
- Printed on certified FSC paper

“I have found hours passing over the discussion of 2-4 cards.”

— Linda ★★★★★



From friends to strangers.
This purpose-driven card game is suited for new and old friends, with 50 cards in four categories of intimacy to move through.

Multiple sessions.
Love Deeply is designed for mutliple sessions. Each card came can create deep, lengthy conversations. Answer as brief or as intentional as you'd like, yet vulnerability is encouraged.

Small deck, big impact.
These card decks are sized and cut to minimise paper waste, meaning they are smaller than the average deck and can be comfortably transported and stored. The deck is fully FSC-certified paper and can be easily recycled at the end of its use.

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