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Walking away from unhappy situations

Walking away from unhappy situations

Walking away from a situation that makes us unhappy can feel like an unbearable quest, weighed down by accountability to others. The process of walking away is riddled with feelings and potential conflict; it is a terrain that can be hard to navigate in the quest of personal happiness.

When considering all options, questions arise. Pragmatic contemplations about choices to cut ties with someone or to gradually fade into the background are often present, though many of us fall to second-guessing as a coping mechanism. 

Second guessing behaviour can be driven by altruism, when our decision to stay or leave is based on the partner's/ friend's perceived dependence on the relationship. This altruism may even turn into feelings of not deserving to leave and guilt. However, it is only with gentle courage that we can look at this challenge in clear light.

As hard as it may be, making the small steps in recognising our genuine feelings towards a situation or person can kickstart a journey of embracing personal wants. Wanting better for ourselves is a given. When we live free of burdening ties, and thrive in our relationships, we begin to recognise our true worth; we begin to contribute to the world in productive and valuable ways.


“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”

- Oscar Wilde
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