Cues Duo
Cues Duo
Cues Duo
Cues Duo

Cues Duo

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A bundle of our signature Intimacy Cues.

for 2-6 players
4 categories
50 cards per deck travel-friendly
small deck multiple plays

average review: ★★★★★

For all kinds of relationships ♥
Dinner Parties is a collection of 50 questions about emotional, intellectual and physical intimacy. Love Deeply is designed for both new and long-term relationships.

Cues are petite in size, powerful in use. A few cards can create hours-long conversations between strangers to best friends and romantic partners.

Multiple plays ✹
50 questions can create endless conversation. Our average use is 7 plays. Some questions are designed to create deep-dive, engaging and long-lasting conversations.


"Pleasure and intimacy should transcend the four walls of a bedroom (or shower). It should flow through to a higher sense of self, empowering us to feel in control of and in touch with our desires – whatever they may be. I think these tools achieve the goal set at their inception; to honour sexual pleasure as something deeply human again."


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