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Great sex care is good for everybody. Rosewell creates products that elevate everyday intimacy and prioritise connection.

Wholesale information.
We offer incentives for small retailers and big-box partnerships alike. To request access to our wholesale process, current catalogue rates and our 3 year product roadmap, please complete the below form.

How it works.
Depending on your order quantity, you'll have exclusive access to our wholesale platform where you can:

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2023 - 2024

Our goal is to explore physical retail partnerships within the health, beauty, wellbeing, fashion and medical spaces. Significant incentives are on offer for medical partnerships and physical stores.

As we launch into the US and UK in 2023, we are prioritising retailers in these regions with both digital/eComm and physical retail spaces. We are offering substantial financial support in offering rosewell internationally and readily accept any/all applications.