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A flexible, simple and powerful vibe with eight speeds for all-over stimulation.

Colour:Deep Blue
 waterproof   eight modes/speeds
 USB-rechargeable  30-days trial
 fully circular  medical-grade silicone

average review: ★★★★★

Easy charging ϟ
Bend is rechargeable, with up to two hours of use. The charging pin is sealed and secured when plugged in, giving you ease of mind.

Eight modes to choose from ☶
The first three speeds being are straight vibes and the following five are varied pulsing patterns. Bend is a deep, rumbly vibe that can be used internal/external and even hands free. It's powerful while maintaining it's ultra-quiet sound. Use it on all erogenous zones – wherever feels good.

Take wherever you need ✈
With in-built travel mode and submerge-proof, take Bend safely on your plane, in your bath and everywhere in between. At 65 grams and looking more like a beauty tool than a vibe, it's discreet to leave in plain sight.

Suited for everybody ✸
Both beginners and experienced vibe users that prefer variety will love Bend. Use for full penetration (g-spot focus) or for external spots (like the clitoris or perineum). Bend can also be inserted and folded, for hands-free internal/external use on people with vulvas.


"Pleasure and intimacy should transcend the four walls of a bedroom (or shower). It should flow through to a higher sense of self, empowering us to feel in control of and in touch with our desires – whatever they may be. I think these tools achieve the goal set at their inception; to honour sexual pleasure as something deeply human again."


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