How to recycle a sex toy

Sex toys create a real issue when they are discarded. Have you heard of e-waste? It's the fastest growing waste stream globally, and vibrators are contributing hugely.

Let's be real: how bad is it? We're talking a 21% growth between 2014-2019 at 53.6 million metric tonnes was generated.¹ There's no way of estimating how many vibrators specifically end up being discarded, but being aware is enough.

At rosewell, we work hard to ensure your vibe lasts years, and we don't stop there. It's our mission to stop all vibes entering landfill while making it easy for you to recycle a sex toy (for free).


rosewell has saved 200+ kgs from landfills, so far.

Since 2020, rosewell has run the first-ever circular recycling sex toy program in Australia with no cost to consumers, ever.

How to recycle a sex toy in four steps:

Request a shipping label via the below form or email us.

Package your old vibrator in a paper bag/box.

Depending on your location, drop off at a Hubbed or AusPost.

We cover all costs, and you get a $20 rosewell discount. Easy.

Using re/rosewell is straightforward and easy. When you receive your label, please package your vibrator (and ensure it's under 250GM) in a cardboard box or recyclable bag. It's really important to keep the weight under 250GM or we won't be able to recycle it for you.

Request a label

Re/Rosewell is within Australia only.
Use 'message' to describe the vibrator being returned, including weight. It is critical to our success that you only send under 200g. If not, we incur *huge* shipping costs and it impacts us. Please consider purchasing a product if you need a large recycling task.