Music is intimate.

Did you create a mixtape for your crush in highschool? Did you send lyrics to your long-distance partner to show how much you missed them? There is so much connection, affection and love in music. Enjoy our curated playlists and volume editions.

A bright range of pop, love songs and gentle messaging. Curated in January 2023.

Exploration of deep bops, mixed with lo-fi chill and real pop punk. Curated in November 2022.

The nostalgia of pop punk, upbeat bops and subtle melodies. When sound-cancelling headphones are needed, and you're craving time in your own space. Curated in October 2022.

The start of Spring. The feeling of newness. The gentle difference between a real bop and something more subtle. Curated in September 2022.

Everything feels bright. In balance. Exciting. Renewed. The sway of deep melodies to sounds that hit deep. Created in August 2022.

The first studio wrap-up. Feelings of missing someone. Of falling in love. Of questioning your reasons. Created in July 2022.

Are you falling in love? Feeling nostalgic? The playlist for those consumed by love.

Connect with yourself. Cue a walk, a bath, a slow morning, cooking a meal, making a tea. Soak in the moment.

Sometimes we don't need all the words. We just need the space and melody to discover them.