Sans Intimacy Oil
Sans Intimacy Oil
Sans Intimacy Oil
Sans Intimacy Oil

Sans Intimacy Oil

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A light blend of oils that hydrate, soothe and smooth.

recyclable bottle
natural only hydrating

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Safe for the everyday ♥
Sans Oil doesn't contain any nuts or seeds, ensuring those will allergies are safe for use.

Multifunctional use ✹
Use Sans Oil as an alternative to lubricant, as a pre-sex massage oil or even as a hair treatment before showering. Sans Oil can also be used as an everyday skincare addition to staying hydrated.

Packed with natural ingredients ◎
A chemist-formulated, purposefully-selected curation of oils with Jojoba as the real hero. Balanced with avocado, argan and Vitamin E, Sans Oil is lightweight but nourishing.


"Pleasure and intimacy should transcend the four walls of a bedroom (or shower). It should flow through to a higher sense of self, empowering us to feel in control of and in touch with our desires – whatever they may be. I think these tools achieve the goal set at their inception; to honour sexual pleasure as something deeply human again."


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