Get to know your Bend.

An easy go-to for your new vibe.


  • Eight speeds/modes
  • Travel built-in
  • USB rechargeable
  • Full flexibility
  • Internal/external

Meet Bend.

Bend comes in a box containing a manual, USB charging cable, welcome note and storage bag. Remove all items from your box.

**Please charge Bend entirely before use*

Travel Mode:
Bend comes in travel mode. Hold the button towards the tapered end of the vibe for three seconds to activate the vibe and turn it on.

Once turned on and out of travel mode, you'll see a light is on, but no vibration just yet. Click through the single button up to 8 times to flick through the available modes.

Turning off:
The same way you turned Bend on, hold down the button for three seconds to turn it off and activate travel mode.


Download your manual for Bend

Missing your original printed manual? No worries. Download it with ease here.