Gentle Wipes
Gentle Wipes
Gentle Wipes
Gentle Wipes

Gentle Wipes

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Organic and unscented wipes for pre/post-sex and everything else.

 organic  biodegradable
 OEKO-TEK  no fragrance/alcohol
 box of 12  pH balanced

average review: ★★★★★

Water-activated ☁
Unlike scented and soap-filled wet wipes, Fin Gentle Wipes are pure OEKO-TEK viscose. No fragrance, soap, preservatives or alcohol is present.

Multi-functional ✹
Fin Gentle Wipes can be used for a quick clean pre and post-sex, along with anything in between. Use as a quick skin refresh, take a box to workout or as a sanitiser-free hand wipe.


"Pleasure and intimacy should transcend the four walls of a bedroom (or shower). It should flow through to a higher sense of self, empowering us to feel in control of and in touch with our desires – whatever they may be. I think these tools achieve the goal set at their inception; to honour sexual pleasure as something deeply human again."


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