MAFS intimacy week, but less awkward

It’s intimacy week in Married at First Sight, and it's downright awkward. But intimacy shouldn't be awkward.

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It’s intimacy week in Married at First Sight. That means – downright awkwardness.

Intimacy week is undoubtedly the worst week of the show, but it doesn’t have to be. Nor should it be.

Intimacy is a feeling of closeness, of connectedness. It’s a universal human experience, and like all humans, it’s incredibly diverse. So how that looks, how I experience intimacy versus how you do, that’s different to everybody. In summary, intimacy is much more than the finger sucking and crude jokes MAFS portrays it to be.

Here are 3 ways you can explore deeper intimacy, without the awkwardness.

 1. Get to know yourself.

Start by asking questions. What do you value? What is intimacy to you? With a foundation of knowing yourself, you’re better placed to explore and deepen your connections with others.

2. Change up routine.

Much of our relationships are habitual. Knowing this, we can explore deeper intimacy with others by changing up our routines. Instead of “How was your day”, we can ask, “What surprised you today?”. Think, what’s one small thing that I can do differently today?

3. Explore your curiosity.

The easiest way to explore your curiosity is to have a conversation. If something piques your interest, say trying something new (e.g, X), you can ask – what do you think about trying X?

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