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There's a single place we call home.

One planet. As a brand and consumers ourselves, being mindful of our impact on the kind of future we’re preparing for is important. Our values allow us to make better decisions and uphold our mission. Like you, we’re people. And we want to be accountable for the choices we make. Here's our committment so far.


"The Future Of Sex Toys Is Circular — Here’s How"

As we become more aware of the environmental impacts of our actions, we need to start considering the complete lifecycle of our products. It’s not just about how products are made, the materials they use and the labour employed to make them — we also need to consider how to safely and sustainably dispose of a product at the end of its life.

For Brisbane-based sexual wellness brand Rosewell, this question was a no-brainer. As a vegan who lives a low-waste life, founder Alisha Williams knew from the beginning that she never wanted any of their sex toys to end up in landfill. And though it would be a massive expense, Williams imagined a possibility where Rosewell could take in any brand of sex toy and save it from a life in landfill. Mobilised by the fact that e-waste is the fasting growing waste in Australia, her idea turned into reality.


We're part of 1% for the Planet.

In 2022, rosewell officially joined the 1% For The Planet group.