Basics of a massage

A little feel-good for us all.

There’s a reason massage feels great. Touch is an inherently human need, and the added health benefits of massaging your partner are plentiful.

Touching skin is important for many relationships, and crucial for romantic relationships. The first spark of hand-holding, the passion in kissing through to the ultimate connection in sex. There’s nothing like the feeling of the familiar curves of your partner’s hands, truly. Massages can be a middle ground for sex, yes, but also intimate connection. It takes time and attention to massage your partner.

For those looking to explore massage as a form of intimacy, you can create real pleasure through these simple tips.

Firstly, set the mood (music, scent and lighting are a good starting place) before asking your partner what kind of area they’d like touched. For body massages, ask your partner to lie face down with a pillow propped to allow breathing. For hand, feet, hand and shoulder massages, find a comfortable and sturdy seat. Ensure you have enough room to move around your partner.

Use a hydrating oil for a frictionless (and moisturising) massage has double the benefit. Warm-up your hands before beginning and ensure your rings are removed to avoid scratching.

Communicate about pressure, tender spots and areas needing some attention. Use your hands - palms, thumbs and the side of your hand to apply pressure. Be gentle on areas such as the neck, spine, abdomen and anywhere ticklish.

Use firm pressure throughout and focus on any small knots, taking the time on each spot, asking your partner how it feels as you go. Move along the area, making slow and lengthy pushes across the skin.

Afterwards, be sure to drink water and settle into a warm bath after (perhaps jump in, too.)


"Nothing is so healing as the human touch."

- Bobby Fischer