Base Essentials
Base Essentials
Base Essentials
Base Essentials
Base Essentials
Base Essentials

Base Essentials

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Combine a signature vibe with an intimacy cues deck of your choice.

Cues:Dinner Parties
 a bend vibe of your choice
 a card deck of your choice
 a discounted bundle price

average review: ★★★★★

Easy charging ϟ
Vibe are rechargeable, with up to two hours of use. The charging pin is sealed and secured when plugged in, giving you ease of mind.

Eight modes to choose from ☶
The first three speeds being are straight vibes and the following five are varied pulsing patterns. Base is powerful and buzzy. Use them on all erogenous zones – wherever feels good.

Better conversations ✷
Intimacy cues can be played over and over, with new people and partners. Each session that lasts an hour will typically only use 10 or so cards. Keep the conversations going.

Take wherever you need ✈
With in-built travel mode and submerge-proof, take your vibe safely on a plane, in your bath and everywhere in between. Often mistaken for interior design objects, leave your vibe in plain sight.


"Pleasure and intimacy should transcend the four walls of a bedroom (or shower). It should flow through to a higher sense of self, empowering us to feel in control of and in touch with our desires – whatever they may be. I think these tools achieve the goal set at their inception; to honour sexual pleasure as something deeply human again."